Finding the Moments That Define Your Event



This is going to be a long post with a lot of photos so bear with me. I met Suzanne over a year ago when she contacted me about photographing her daughter's bat mitzvah. Suzanne found me online doing a google search and in scouring my website and facebook page, she noticed that one of her co-workers at AIPAC 'liked' my facebook page. She didn't see any connection (remember, my business name is not the same as my actual name) and asked her co-worker how she knew me. Turns out it's my sister-in-law. Small world? For you and me, maybe. For Suzanne? Nope. She knows everyone and I'm guessing she's pretty used to making random connections between people she knows.

So we meet and Suzanne books me. I really liked her when I met her (as my sister-in-law told me I would) but didn't think much of it. But then. THEN. Suzanne asked me back in April if I'd be interested in shooting the AIPAC policy conference in May. Um, yes? So I spent 3 days with Suzanne - 2 of them spending the night together in the same hotel room and I have come to adore (ADORE) her.

But here's the catch. Before shooting AIPAC with her, I wasn't nervous at all about shooting Kayla's bat mitzvah. Sure, Suzanne is a photographer herself but she was so down to earth (and even a little self deprecating) about her abilities that I didn't think twice about it. But after shooting with her at AIPAC? I had a knot in my stomach leading up to the big day. Suzanne knows her stuff. Really.

But you know what? It was amazing shooting the event. Suzanne's temple is gorgeous and had beautiful natural light (oh, if only all temples could be so amazing) and Suzanne and her family were totally natural in front of the camera. And the reception? LOVE. It was at Tommy Joe's in Bethesda which, at first glance, looks like just a little restaurant and bar. But hidden in the back there is a courtyard with tons of natural light and sparkly lights and it was just the extra oomph needed to put the photos over the top.

It was a wonderful event to shoot, from start to finish. Suzanne's daughter, Abby, has her bat mitzvah in two years and I can only hope (pray/wish/plead/beg) I get to be part of their family's simcha again.

(there are way more photos in this preview than I normally show. I'm not playing favorites; I originally told Suzanne I would have all of her photos to her before I left for vacation tomorrow but then realized I'd have one more week for my normal turnaround time when I got back. So to make up for it, she gets to see more previews) :)


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