Finding the Moments That Define Your Event


This past Saturday night I shot my last bat mitzvah for 2011 and it was such a great event to end the year with.  I was, admittedly, a little nervous about shooting twins (twice the number of kids, twice the number of moments to capture).  I shouldn't have worried ~ the entire night was a breeze and Kayla and Elena were truly two of the nicest kids I've had the pleasure of photographing.  It took me a while to put my finger on just what was different about them and then I realized that they had just turned 12 (most of the kids I photograph have turned - or are about to turn - 13).  That one year made a huge difference; Kayla and Elana still had some of that little girl sweetness and innocence (not that they are little girls by any means).  I'm still, even days later, struck by what a difference a year can make at this age.  I think I might just lock Kate up when she turns 12 and refuse to let her get any older. I digress.  The night was beautiful ~ there were tons of kids and a huge dance floor which they made the most of.  The kids danced until the very end and my second shooter (hi Megan!) and I were able to capture it all.  Thanks Orzach family for welcoming me so warmly on your special night and for making my job so easy.