Finding the Moments That Define Your Event


Another Saturday, another bat mitzvah, right?  Not this time.  I've known Kayley's mom for about 7 years ~ we met when her younger daughter, Sydney, and Kate were in the same preschool class at Temple Isaiah.  Robin ended up teaching preschool there for a few years and was Jack's teacher one year and she also taught the kids art.  We started getting to know each other and hanging out when Jack graduated to the next class. Since then she and her family have moved to our neighborhood and we see them all the time.  So when she approached me about photographing Kayley's bat mitzvah but not knowing how it would work since she wanted me to be a guest, I jumped at the chance.  First of all, if you know me at all you know I hate to dance and I find most receptions painful even with several glasses of wine under my belt.  I'd much rather be at home under the covers with a good book and not having to make small talk with a lot of people I don't know.

I told Robin I would much prefer to be the photographer and she let me.  I always get choked up at bar and bat mitzvahs when I see the slideshows of the kids growing up and hear the parents make toasts and this was no exception.  I was more emotional because I got to see Kayley during the services and she did such an excellent job.

The reception was so much fun to photograph ~ mostly because I knew a lot of the people and felt comfortable taking photos and knew who would let me photograph them and who wouldn't.

Congrats Kayley, Robin, Brian and Sydney ~ it was a beautiful day (despite the snow!).

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