Finding the Moments That Define Your Event



I had 3 bnai mitzvahs in a row last month and all three of them were for families I was photographing for the second time.  I photographed Jessie's older sister's bat mitzvah 3 years ago and back then Jessie was a sweet 10-year-old, still wearing a little girl dress and playing like a little girl.  I did a double take when I saw her at her party Saturday night because she was no longer a little girl ~ she was definitely a young woman and it was a stunning transformation.  Seeing these kids grow up makes me completely verklempt because it reminds me that my own kids are growing up and that time waits for no one.  It wasn't just that Jessie was so stunning and beautiful and so much older but that my own kids are also getting older (as am I.  Oof.) So Jessie had an over-the-top cupcake theme for her reception and it was amazing ~ hand painted cupcake canvases as part of the table centerpieces, a 3-tier custom cupcake holder and, of course, 12 different varieties of cupcakes for dessert.  There were rainbows and monkeys and sprinkles and art on the cupcakes like I have never seen; they were definitely the hit of the party.

My favorite moment of the night was when Jessie and her dad danced together.  They started out dancing regularly but when the emcee invited everyone onto the dance floor to join them, Jessie hopped up into her dad's arms and he danced with her like she was still a little kid.  It was incredibly moving and I only hope my daughter and husband have a relationship like that one day.

Thank you, Tope, Melissa, Haley, Sammy and Jessie for trusting me with this special day; enjoy the sneak peek of some of my favorite images!