Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

JACOB'S BAR MITZVAH :: temple rodef shalom + clarendon ballroom


Meeting Susan was like meeting someone I knew years and years ago but hadn't seen for a very long time.  She was referred to me by her event planner (the always amazing Carin Lomax of Events Extraordinaire) and from the moment I stepped inside her home it felt like I'd been there before.  During our first meeting we talked about almost everything except her son's bar mitzvah and it didn't seem weird or unprofessional.  My only regret is that she lives in Northern Virginia (or maybe that 's a good thing as I would probably be texting her daily to see if she wanted to get together). People ask me all the time why I don't advertise my business and operate only through referrals and word of mouth.  To them I say: because then I get to meet clients whom I also want to be and can be friends with. Because of some issues with my daughter I missed an appointment with Susan and when I called to apologize profusely, I ended up telling her my tale of woe.  I was mortified that I had shared that with a client but Susan wasn't bothered at all ~ turns out our kids have a lot of similar issues and it was a relief (to both of us) to know that someone else could understand ~ even a little bit ~ what the other was going through.

But this isn't a post about how much I adore Susan.

Jacob's bar mitzvah was a tremendous amount of fun.  Electric Entertainment (whom I have hired for my own daughter's bat mitzvah in 2015) kept the crowd dancing and engaged and made sure the kids had a blast.  My favorite thing about Jacob was his patience with his younger brother and sister; one of my favorite photographs from the temple portrait session is of Jacob and Samantha looking at each other.  I had a younger brother and the only thing I wanted to do with him was to beat him up and make him leave me alone (we love each other now).

Susan, Stephan, Jacob, Noah and Samantha ~ thank you so much for trusting me to photograph this special day for you.  I loved being able to be a very small part of your joy ~