Finding the Moments That Define Your Event


This was my second b'nai mitzvah with the Hamet family and one of the few where I've been both a guest and the photographer.  Missi hired me to shoot Jacob's bar mitzvah even though our families are friends (she and my husband have known each other since they were 4 years old and even lived together after college).  To be clear, she asked me if I wanted to shoot the reception or be a guest but given how much I despise dancing it was an easy choice.  Plus, I got to watch my husband deal with the kids while I worked. So it was another stellar event which is no surprise to anyone who knows Missi and how organized she is; the Ten Oaks Ballroom looked gorgeous and the food was so, so good (it was so nice to eat a real meal!).  The best part, though?  How much fun the Hamet family had that night ~ they were dancing and enjoying their guests and having as much fun as the kids.  I remembered from their older daughter's bat mitzvah that as the night wears on Jeff likes to grab the mic and sing.  He didn't disappoint this time and was dancing until the very last minute.

Thank you, Missi, Jeff, Elana and Jacob (who was so not happy about having his temple photos taken but held up pretty well).  I'm thankful I get to call you not only clients but friends, as well.  Enjoy the sneak peek!