Finding the Moments That Define Your Event



Isaac totally surprised me. Thirteen-year-old boys (guys?), as a rule, do not like to have their photos taken. They especially don't like to have their photos taken while wearing a suit. And a tie. With their parents. And little brother. Isaac? He was all in. He never complained or gave me a sour face. In fact, I have several photos of him sticking his tongue out (a la Gene Simmons) and raising his hand in the Sign of the Horns. In all? He was a joy to photograph.

The other thing I loved about Isaac was his connection to his parents. Here he is, 13 years old, and he still hugs his mom and dad. In public. That's pretty cool to me (I'm sure It helps that his parents are very cool and fun).

So here are a few photos culled from the many I took during the bimah portraits last week and the reception on Saturday:

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