Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

Haylee's Bat Mitzvah


Haylee's bat mitzvah held two firsts for me: 1) her mother is the first client who ever booked me based solely on the recommendation of a friend (we didn't meet first) and  2) it was my first reception aboard a dinner cruise. The weather for the week leading up to Haylee's bat mitzvah was rainy and unseasonably chilly.  For days.  And days and days and days.  But last Saturday afternoon the sun pushed its way through the clouds just in time for the dinner cruise and we ended up with a beautiful cocktail hour on the top deck.

Photographing a reception on a dinner cruise boat was a new experience.  The entire evening was a sometimes comically funny dance between me trying to photograph the kids on the dance floor, the cruise staff who were trying to serve dinner, and the DJ and dancer who were trying to work around everyone else.  There isn't a lot of room on a dinner cruise but I have to say that what could have been a really difficult situation turned out not to be because of everyone's professionalism.  Plus, my clients were wonderfully nice people who went with the flow and focused more on enjoying the time with their friends and family.

So this family.  The Feist family.  I don't know if I can describe them without sounding trite and without using adjectives like 'Fantastic!' 'Sweet!'  and 'Adorable!'  But really, that was them. I hadn't met them before we took the synagogue portraits a few days before the bat mitzvah and upon meeting them I knew I would love working with them.  And Haylee?  You never know what you're going to get with a 13-year-old girl.  I have one - I know.  But she was simply one of the nicest kids I've met.  Nice sounds so bland but I mean it as a high compliment.  There was no eye rolling or snarky comments to her parents and sister during synagogue portraits (unlike my own daughter) and when I found out that she played on a travel soccer team I liked her even more.

Thank you, Danielle, Sam, Morgan and Haylee for what turned out to be (selfishly) a really great experience for me; I loved working with you and hope you enjoy this sneak peek: