Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

LAUREN'S BAT MTIZVAH / Olam Tikvah, Fairfax, VA

Lauren's parents found me via a referral from an event planner (Carin Lomax with Events Extraordinaire) in Fairfax, VA.  The first time I went out to meet them, it was a beautiful early spring day and Stephanie had a bowl of fresh fruit waiting for me on the back porch overlooking Lake Barcroft.  I liked her instantly and felt a connection that is rare with clients; I have fantastic clients and I truly like them all but I have only had 1 or 2 other families I've clicked with so naturally and quickly. So Stephanie booked me and this past weekend was Lauren's bat mitzvah.  I got to their house at 2pm to take the extended family photos (overlooking the gorgeous lake) and as we were taking photos we could see the skies getting darker and the wind picking up and I knew we were on borrowed time.  We got through them as quickly as we could and literally the minute I told everyone we were done and motioned for them to head inside, the first large rain drops fell, the skies opened up...and the power went out.  It was a torrential downpour with tornado alerts and I knew I wouldn't be able to drive anywhere.  Stephanie and her husband, Adam, kindly insisted I stay put at their house and even offered me the spare bedroom to take a nap (could I love them any more?).  I ended up parking myself on the couch and enjoyed the beauty of watching the storm unfold over the lake.

Thankfully the rain let up within 30 minutes and I headed out to run some errands before the party that evening. When I got to the synagogue where the party was being held I found out there was no power.  No power for the caterer, no power for the DJ.  No. Power.  And this is where having an amazing event planner is worth every single penny you pay them: Carin was completely non-plussed and made sure everything happened.  Four generators from Home Depot appeared, flashlights and batteries and extra lights for the room were all delivered (by Adam!) and all the vendors pitched in to help.  Here's the thing: except for it being a little warm, I don't think you would have known the power was out if you hadn't known.  Carin made it all work and she made it work beautifully.  There is a reason I'm not an event coordinator ~ I would have been huddled in the bathroom, crying on the phone begging my husband to drive an hour to Virginia to help me figure out what to do.

So Lauren's party went off without a hitch and just as we entered the last hour of the party, the power came back on.  A little too late to make a difference but enough to make for a good story.

Thank you, Stephanie, Adam, Lauren, Joe-Mama and Honey for welcoming me so warmly into your family.  It didn't feel like work ~ it felt like giving an old friend a gift on a special day.