Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

Evan's Lacrosse Bar Mitzvah


I had the chance to shoot in a new-to-me venue last weekend: The Hotel at Arundel Preserve.  It was a beautiful space and a great backdrop for Evan's lacrosse-themed bar mitzvah.  I hadn't met Evan (or his family!) before we met to take photos the morning of his bar mitzvah so I didn't know a whole lot about him.  The minute I walked into the reception, though, it was clear this kid doesn't just play lacrosse - he PLAYS lacrosse.  There were screens set up on both sides of the room playing a loop of his lacrosse games, the centerpieces were lacrosse sticks and his candle lighting was the most unique I've ever seen: each candle rested in the net of a lacrosse stick.  The theme was carried throughout the reception and it was done in such a fun and tasteful way (shout out to Sue Green and her team at Event Planning Resources). Once again, this party had the adults out-dancing the kids; this might have been the first reception I've photographed where I had a hard time getting photos on the dance floor because it was so crowded! Lori and Dave and their guests sat down for dinner and the slideshow and then didn't leave the dance floor for the rest of the night; it was awesome.

Thank you, Burman family, for trusting me with this special day.  Enjoy the sneak peek!