Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

EMILY'S BAT MITZVAH :: temple beth ami, rockville, md


This wasn't my first time photographing Emily and her family. About a year and half ago, right after her mom booked me for the bat mitzvah, I did a session with Emily and her sisters as a gift from their mom to their grandmother.  I was struck, then, how kind and patient the older girls were with the younger girls and saw it time and again during the bat mitzvah.  Just for kicks, here is the photo their mom chose from their last session:  


My favorite part of the bat mitzvah was the father - daughter dance Emily and her dad, Simon did.  They started with a traditional slow dance and then segued into a fantastic choreographed dance to a mash up of different songs.  You've seen YouTube videos from weddings where the bride and groom surprise everyone with a choreographed dance for the first dance?  That's exactly what Emily and Simon did and it was the first time I've seen it at a bat mitzvah.  Em's mom, Marcie, was completely surprised ~ Emily said she and her dad had been sneaking into the garage for quite some time to practice.  The look on Marcie's face was almost better than the dance itself !

Simon, Marcie, Allie, Emily, Gabriella and Eliza ~ thank you so much for allowing me to share this day with you guys.  The bond your family shares and your sense of humor made you a joy to work for; enjoy this preview of your images: