Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

BLAYNE'S BAT MITZVAH | washington hebrew congregration


I got to shoot Blayne's bat mitzvah this past weekend and it was a bit nostalgic ~ the very first bar mitzvah I ever attended was at Washington Hebrew back in 2002 (for Jeff's cousin, Steven).  Walking back into the temple I remembered my life back in March 2002 -  I was 2 months pregnant with Kate and nauseous every single minute of the day.  I don't remember much of the services *or* the party afterwards for that matter as I was in the early exhaustion days of pregnancy and I believe I went to bed about 9pm. But this is about Blayne's bat mitzvah, not my personal stroll down memory lane.

Blayne is another one of these amazingly mature, posied teens I seem to be meeting a lot of these days.  She wasn't nervous and she was was more than pleasant during the (I'm sure to her, seemingly endless) family photographs before the service.  One of the things I remember being said about her during the service (by her mom? by the rabbi?  I can't remember) is that people always say she is one of the nicest kids at school.  I barely know Blayne but I totally believe it.

Everything about the evening was beautiful ~ the temple itself, the services and the reception afterwards.  This was the first reception I've shot where not only did the adults outlast the kids on the dance floor (that's happened before) but they also outnumbered the kids on the dance floor throughout the night.  Not that the DJ couldn't get them out (he was great!) - but the adults were serious dancers!

Thanks, Schenk family for having me share the night with you ~ enjoy this small preview of images to come!