Finding the Moments That Define Your Event


Ben's bar mitzvah this past Saturday was my last one for the summer and it was a great one on which to end.  First of all it was at one of my favorite temples; I love the natural light at Temple Rodef Shalom.  Plus, my favorite MC and dancers from Electric Entertainment were there and the party planner was the always amazing Carin from Events Extraordinaire (who I've hired for my own daughter's bat mitzvah).  It was pretty much the trifecta of bar mitzvahs. Ben was a little shy when we shot the rehearsal photos.  No surprise ~ most 13-year-old boys can't stand having their photos taken.  He warmed up towards the end but seeing him at his party was like seeing another kid ~ he was dancing and playing games and the furthest thing from shy.  It helped that the party included a foosball table (which even the adults loved), an air hockey table and a photo booth (I'm tucking the foosball table idea away for my son's bar mitzvah in a couple of years).

I always like to share in blog posts what I liked about each family.  For the Suskind/Spiegel family it was their sense of humor.  They *asked* for goofy photos on the bimah and the kids were tickling Andrea during some of our outdoor photos.  And at the party?  Ben was doing the candle lighting and when it came time to call his younger sister, Eva, to come up and light a candle he mentioned how he had wanted to her wear a chicken costume but loved her even though she didn't wear one.  Eva came up to the candle lighting with a chicken head costume on.  That one moment for me captured this family ~ they are fun loving, easy going and don't take themselves too seriously.

Thanks Peter, Andrea, Ben and Eva ~ I had a great time with all of you (and your families!); enjoy this sneak peek of images to come: