Finding the Moments That Define Your Event



Ben's bar mitzvah had the coolest theme - one I haven't seen before (and I've seen a lot).  He had a National Parks theme and it was insane - they had a ridiculously talented balloon artist create a moose and a bear and trees all out of balloons.  Seriously?  Ridiculously cool.  The artist also made balloon hats for everyone and they were fanciful and whimsical and creative - I loved them. And get this, the seating cards were all made to look like National Park tickets.  I have only been to a few National Parks (Acadia being my very favorite) and I was jealous looking at all the photos of Ben and his family in parks all over the country.  (Take me with you next time, Lisa and Michael?) This bar mitzvah has the distinct honor of being the very first one I've ever photographed (or attended as a guest) where the *adults* outlasted the kids on the dance floor.  Really.  Even the DJ commented on it; I think it's a pretty rare event (way to go Jablonover friends!).

A few photos from the reception:

And a few from the family's synagogue photo session (this location is where my husband had his own bar mitzvah photographs taken!):