Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

ANDREW'S BAR MITZVAH :: columbia jewish congregation, howard county, md


Prospective clients often ask me what will happen if something goes wrong and I am unable to shoot their event.  I tell them, first of all, I have a network of highly qualified professional photographers to call on in an emergency.  But I also tell them that I am as committed to being at their event as they are; what would keep them from showing up to their son or daughter's bar/bat mitzvah?  Those are the only things that will keep me from shooting an event and Andrew's bar mitzvah proved it. I threw my back out the day before this bar mitzvah.  And when I say throw out, I mean frozen on the ground unable to move.  Thankfully my neighbors were able to wrangle me into their car and drive me to the doctor.  Three heavy duty prescriptions later I was in bed with heating pads and the doctor's skepticism that I would be able to shoot an event the next night.  My friend and fellow photographer, Brad Leblanc, graciously offered to shoot for me.  I told him I was going to the bar mitzvah no matter what but that I would gladly take him with me in case anything happened.  Thankfully nothing did.  I was able to shoot the bar mitzvah with no problems and, in fact, I like the photos from this event even more because I had a second shooter.  From here on out I will most likely be bringing a second shooter with me to bar and bat mitzvahs.

So rest easy ~ I am committed to your events.  But enough about me.

Andrew and his family were wonderful; Andrew was another kid who I thought was on the quiet side but who didn't quit the dance floor all night.  My favorite thing about this family?  They were natural huggers.  Some families are more reserved and a little more stiff in photos (which is fine!).  But Jaimie, Greg, Brandon and Andrew had no issues hugging and goofing around and having fun.  I loved that about them and loved being able to be part of their special simcha.

Thanks, guys ~ enjoy this preview of images to come!