Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

ally's bat mitzvah

i've spent a couple of weekends with the chelst family this month: first for a luncheon and then saturday evening for ally's bat mitzvah and party.  one of my favorite parts of photographing bar and bat mitzvahs and is getting to know the families. trite but true.

maybe i've just had a run of good luck but the families who have hired me and trusted me to take their photos on a pretty special day are across the board warm and friendly and they all seem to have great senses of humor and allow me to joke and kid around with them.  the chelsts were no exception.

at the party - an amazing party at lima restaurant and lounge in DC - i found myself tearing up at the photo montage of ally and her family (which is really embarrassing when you're the hired help and have only met the family a handful of times).  maybe it's because kate is 8 and it's hitting me that one day she is going to be a bat mitzvah, too.  but seeing photos of ally as a baby and a toddler and as a little girl and then looking at her in her fantastic party dress dancing with friends (and boys!) and seeing how she's really a young woman and not a little girl made me realize that kate is not going to be a little kid forever.  it goes quickly, people.

( i neglected to mention what a fantastic job ally did reading the haftarah.  her dad was her tutor and i was impressed beyond words.  she was easily one of the most well prepared, confident bat mitzvahs i've seen or heard.  maybe her dad will tutor my kids...)