Finding the Moments That Define Your Event


I told you I was behind on blogging! Alex's bat mitzvah was held back in December and it was amazing for a few reasons.  First, my history with her mom, Amy, sort of goes back to before I met my husband.  My husband met Amy in the mid-90s at an ad agency in Baltimore.  Jeff was a wet-behind-the-ears account guy and Amy was a seasoned media person (supervisor?  director? sorry, don't know what her title was).  They worked together for a few months before Amy left for maternity leave.  Jeff eventually moved to Seattle (where we met) and after we got married and moved to Columbia in 2004, we found out through mutual friends that we lived in the same neighborhood.

Fast forward many years and Amy is now my jack-of-all-trades/assistant.  It was fun listening to her during the planning stages of Alex's bat mitzvah because it gave me insight into what my clients are dealing with; I only talk to my clients about their photography but listening to Amy made me realize how much stuff you guys are dealing with.  I'm dreading October 2015 when my time comes.

The second reason it was such an awesome reception is because the dance floor was packed the entire night.  Yeah, I've had other clients who danced all night but Amy's friends and family did it without any dancers helping them.  None.  Nada.  The DJ and I spoke for a few minutes towards the end of the reception and he said he wasn't sure what to think when Amy told him she didn't need to hire dancers.  We agreed there was no need because this group Did. Not. Stop.


Amy, Paul, Sarah and Alex - thanks for your infinite patience with me in getting this blog post up; enjoy!