Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

ABBY'S BAT MITZVAH :: the gathering place + 4935 bar & kitchen


One of my favorite parts of posting client photos on the blog is getting to write the blog post.  I majored in Journalism and minored in English so writing is part of who I am and truth be told it's about the only time I get to use my degree.  But sometimes it takes me a little while to think of what I want to write -it's not that I have a problem coming up with nice things to say about my clients but it's hard to come up with different things to say about each client.  I can only use the words Amazing! Wonderful! So Much Fun! so many times before it starts to sound tired and overused. But Suzanne and her family are different.  I met Suzanne about 3 years ago when she hired me to photograph her older daughter's bat mitzvah and we became friends; she is also a photographer and has hired me several times to shoot events for her employer, AIPAC.  So getting to photograph Abby's bat mitzvah felt familiar and natural.  They held the services at The Gathering Place in Clarksville, MD and then had the party the following evening at 4935 Bar & Kitchen in Bethesda (Abby and her cousin, Joey, shared their b'nai mitzvah so they had parties on different nights).

I was acutely aware of the time that has passed as I watched Abby on the dance floor during her party.  Two years ago she was still a little girl and now she is a young woman (writers the world over are rolling their eyes at the use of that cliche).  But it's true.  In 2 years Abby left little girl-hood behind, Kayla blossomed and looked like she is already in her 20's and Suzanne's dear mother, Ruthe, wasn't physically there.  It was a bittersweet night and one that I was honored to be a part of.

Suzanne, Stephen, Kayla and Abby  ~  you know I adore you, all of you.  I only wish you had more children so I could do this again with you.  Enjoy the sneak peek xoxoxoxo