Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

Aaron's Bar Mitzvah


My last mitzvah before summer break was Aaron's bar mitzvah at Norbeck Country Club. The Greenberg family is another family I photographed for the 2nd time and I was shocked at how much Aaron had grown since his sister's bat mitzvah 3 years ago.  The last time I saw him, he was a little kid and while I didn't tower over him I was definitely taller than him.  No more! We took the synagogue photos at B'nai Shalom in Olney and it was so easy because the Greenbergs are so laid back and chill about everything.  But get them on the dance floor? They all danced all night Well, except for Aaron who was more interested in the video games. It's rare that I have more photos of the parents dancing than I do of the kids but Leslie and Michael and their friends and family were all in and having so much fun.

I loved the theme for Aaron's party: Aaron's Arcade.  They had corn hole and giant Jenga and an air hockey table in addition to basketball hoops and a video game station.  It was the most perfect set up because there was something for everyone and it honored Aaron's interests.

Thank you, Michael, Leslie, Faye and Aaron for having me spend this special event with you - enjoy your sneak peek!