Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

Solomon's Bar Mitzvah

Because I don’t advertise for new clients, I find them either through referrals from event planners I’ve worked with or from former clients, both of whom know my personality and recommend clients who make a natural fit. It means I get to work with a lot of really nice clients, some of whom have even become friends. But this family? Honestly, the word that keeps coming to mind when thinking of how to describe them is lovely. I mean it in the fullest, most complimentary sense of the word because it is the only one that ecompasses their gentle, gracious spirits and their clear love for each other.

Rarely do I see parents who not only love each other but seem to genuinely like each other and have fun together. And their son, Solomon? He is both an old soul and a typical 13-year-old. Due to a mistake on my part, he had to wait a bit to take his portrats after his rehearsal. Most boys his age? They would have been done.


But Solomon was not only up for having photos taken, he also laughed and smiled and was more cooperative than I had a right to ask him to be. That was the old soul part. The typical 13-year-old part? That would have been him having a great time at the reception. For the record, I can’t remember photographing a boy dance almost the entire time; usually the boys play games and dance a little bit, but then hang out on their phones or talk to each other. Solomon was a dance floor beast (as were his parents and their friends). It helped that the emcee and DJ were really good and kept the party moving with lip sync battles (the Baby Shark trio won) and a generation dance off which required the adults to do the ‘robot’ (see photos).

Thank you, Patti, Steve and Solomon for allowing me capture the day for you; enjoy the sneak peek!

Event planner: Events Extraordinaire

DJ/Emcee: Everything Entertainment

Venue/Catering: Clarendon Ballroom

(Special shout out to Cyndi Lee Photography for pinch hitting at the synagogue photos!)

Kristin Goldscher