Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

Levi's Bar Mitzvah

I didn't meet Levi until the day of his final rehearsal but his mother had mentioned to me ahead of time that he wasn't thrilled about having his photo taken. I immediately liked him when I met him - he was funny and smart and it turns out we both love the tv show 'Impractical Jokers' (he showed me a hilarious episode I'd never seen where Joe plays Genie in a local production of the play 'Aladdin'). Our shared love of the show didn't mean he liked having his photo taken but he was an incredibly good sport about it and we ended up with some great shots of him.

The reception followed the Havdalah service and Carin and Rachel from Events Extraordinaire killed it. This was my favorite decor for any reception I've photographed or attended - the flowers were gorgeous and the strings of lights around the room added a layer of intimacy to the room. 

My favorite part of the reception, though, had nothing to do with the decor or the games the kids played or the adults dancing all night. Towards the end of the evening I mentioned to Alisha that I hadn't been able to get a lot of photos of Levi and she looked at me with a smile and said, "That's ok. I know who he is."

It was so simple: she wasn't going to force her son to be something he isn't even on his big day. I think back to my own son's bar mitzvah: he was also very reluctant to have his photo taken and he looks like he is in pain in almost all of them (through no fault of our awesome photographer). I was frustrated during the synagogue photos because he was fidgety and anxious and he just wanted to get it over with. How much easier it would have been for both of us if I had simply let him be who he is.

Thank you, Alisha, Cameron, Levi and Xavi - the evening was a wonderful gathering of people who clearly love you. Thank you for allowing me to capture it for you. Enjoy the sneak peek:


Kristin Goldscher