Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

The New Levant Initiative

A couple of weeks ago I was hired by an event company in NYC to photograph their client's conference in DC at the Kennedy Center. I'd never heard of the organization before; turns out their purpose is pretty fascinating:

The New Levant Initiative (NLI) aims to revitalize the shared Levantine identity by highlighting the thousands of years of artistic, architectural, musical, culinary and other cultural contributions that constitute a rich Levantine mosaic. We are focusing on the history of cosmopolitanism and commerce that enabled this vibrant culture to thrive and linked so many Levantine cities. Our intention is to leverage this illustrious past to solidify a vision for improved quality of life and hope for the future.

The panelists spoke about architecture, economics, art, music and geography. It was easily one of the most interesting conferences I've photographed.

To cap off the conference, they held a concert at the Kennedy Center that evening which featured musician Ibrahim Maalouf accompanied by a 30-piece orchestra and the National Children's Chorus. They performed a symphony he wrote specifically for The New Levant Initiative; it was both beautiful and haunting.



Kristin Goldscher