Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

Max's Bar Mitzvah

I remember the first time I had a client book me without meeting me first; it felt a little bit awkward to show up at their synagogue portrait session knowing next to nothing about them. Although it happens more and more frequently these days, I still feel that same pull of anxiety beforehand. I shouldn't have been nervous at all about meeting Rachel and her family. I knew from emails with Rachel that she was funny and warm and a straight shooter and meeting her in person was exactly what I expected. What I didn't expect was just how polite and well-mannered her boys were. I have a thirteen-year-old son. I know that despite the best parenting they can still be...well, thirteen-year-old boys. Both Max and his younger brother, Ben, were kind and helpful and mature beyond their years. I'm thinking of sending my son to live with Rachel over the summer.

Max's reception was at Temple Rodef Shalom. The baseball theme was carried out beautifully by Carin and her team from Events Extraordinaire. The guests danced and laughed and hugged and the kids were on the dance floor all night. It's always hit or miss with bar mitzvahs: some of the boys love to dance and others just want to sit at the table and play games on their phones. Max's friends were lively and funny and stayed in the zone all night.

Thank you, Rachel, Max and Ben for allowing me to capture this special evening for you; enjoy your sneak peek!

Kristin Goldscher