Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

Andy's Bar Mitzvah

I loved Andy's family - they were easy-going and laughed and joked around and made it easy to photograph them during their portrait session a few days before the bar mitzvah.

And then I met their extended family and liked them even more - two large, loud, boisterous families coming together to celebrate Andy. It was magic.

Andy's bar mitzvah was at the Westin Alexandria which was a new location for me. We had planned on doing extended family portraits before the reception and when I arrived early to find a spot to shoot, I found a beautiful atrium to use as the background. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

The reception itself (branded 'Club Andy' with lots of lounge chairs and pillows) was high-energy and had something for everyone - basketball hoops, ping-pong, air hockey and, of course, great food and lots of dancing.

Thank you, Wolinsky-Arabshahi family for allowing me to take part in this special simcha. Enjoy the sneak peek!


Kristin Goldscher