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JESSIE’S BAT MITZVAH :: ten oaks ballroom, clarksville, md

I had 3 bnai mitzvahs in a row last month and all three of them were for families I was photographing for the secondView full post »

BEN’S BAR MITZVAH :: temple isaiah + doubletree hotel

This was my second bar mitzvah for the Recht family; I shot older brother, Jacob’s, bar mitzvah about 2 years agoView full post »


This was my second b’nai mitzvah with the Hamet family and one of the few where I’ve been both a guest andView full post »

ALLY’S BAT MITZVAH :: CJC + Dave & Busters

Ally’s bat mitzvah reception was a first for me ~ it was held at Dave & Busters and the kids had a great timeView full post »

AMY’S BAT MITZVAH :: Temple Isaiah, Fulton, MD

Amy’s bat mitzvah kicked off the beginning of mitzvah season for me and she was the perfect way to start off ~View full post »

BEN’S BAR MITZVAH :: temple rodef shalom

Ben’s bar mitzvah this past Saturday was my last one for the summer and it was a great one on which to end.  View full post »


This was my second time around with this family; it’s always nice to be hired but to be hired again is even betterView full post »

Rebekah’s Bat Mitzvah :: Beth Shalom + Sheraton

Occasionally I get asked if I get bored shooting bar and bat mitzvahs. You know, the same temples, the same poses, theView full post »

LUCAS’ BAR MITZVAH :: Temple Isaiah + Ten Oaks Ballroom

This past weekend I shot Lucas’ bar mitzvah.  It was my first one after a much needed 7-week break from shootingView full post »

Alex’s Bat Mitzvah :: Columbia Jewish Congregation + Turf Valley Resort

I told you I was behind on blogging! Alex’s bat mitzvah was held back in December and it was amazing for a fewView full post »

Marlaina’s Bat Mitzvah :: Temple Rodef Shalom + Fairview Park Marriott

I’m waaaaay behind on blogging.  Oof. Marly’s bat mitzvah took place January 4th; her service was at TempleView full post »

JEREMY’S BAR MITZVAH :: Columbia Jewish Congregation + Ten Oaks Ballroom

Jeremy’s bar mitzvah was my 20th and final bnai mitzvah for 2013.  The best part about it was that it was myView full post »

AMY’S BAT MITZVAH :: B’nai Tzedek + The Bolger Center

As a photographer I find comfort in knowing what I’m getting into ~ I like shooting places I’ve been toView full post »


This was my second bat mitzvah for the Chelst family. I photographed Ally’s bat mitzvah 3 years ago and IView full post »

Samantha’s Bat Mitzvah :: Temple Rodef Shalom, McLean, VA

Nanci booked me 2 years ago for Samanatha’s bat mitzvah and at the time it was the furthest out I’d everView full post »

NOAH’S BAR MITZVAH :: Kahler Hall, Columbia, MD

I really try to find unique things about each bar and bat mitzvah I photograph…something about the family or theView full post »

SYDNEY’S BAT MITZVAH :: Temple Isaiah, Fulton, MD

Two things stick with me from Sydney’s bat mitzvah last weekend: 1. The girl never stops smiling.  Never.  (andView full post »


This bar mitzvah held a lot of firsts for me: the first time shooting at Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation, firstView full post »

JACOB’S BAR MITZVAH :: temple rodef shalom + clarendon ballroom

Meeting Susan was like meeting someone I knew years and years ago but hadn’t seen for a very long time.  She wasView full post »


I took a class with Moshe Zusman last week.  It was a one-on-one class and it was to learn to better light venues.  View full post »


Happy 4th of July from ANNA Kate and Jack ELLIOTT Goldscher!View full post »

ZOE’S BAT MITZVAH :: temple rodef shalom, mclean, va

Zoe’s bat mitzvah was bittersweet for me ~ it was my last one of the season; I have the rest of June and July offView full post »

RACHEL’S BAT MITZVAH :: temple rodef shalom & clarendon ballroom

  This right here?  THIS was my favorite part of Rachel’s bat mitzvah. I wore white, leather,View full post »

ABBY’S BAT MITZVAH :: the gathering place + 4935 bar & kitchen

One of my favorite parts of posting client photos on the blog is getting to write the blog post.  I majored inView full post »

SAM’S BAT MITZVAH :: ten oaks ballroom, clarksville, md

I met the Clearfield family a few years back when their youngest daughter, Ally, and my daughter Kate, played on theView full post »

EMILY’S BAT MITZVAH :: temple beth ami, rockville, md

This wasn’t my first time photographing Emily and her family. About a year and half ago, right after her momView full post »

JESSIE’S BAT MITZVAH temple rodef shalom + washington golf and country club

I found myself back at Temple Rodef Shalom in Falls Church, VA this past weekend ~ it is one of my very favoriteView full post »

ANDREW’S BAR MITZVAH :: columbia jewish congregation, howard county, md

Prospective clients often ask me what will happen if something goes wrong and I am unable to shoot their event.  I tellView full post »

KEVIN’S BAR MITZVAH :: Temple Isaiah, Fulton, MD

Kevin’s bar mitzvah presented me with a first: the first time I ever got to a temple to take bimah portraits andView full post »


I think I’m a pretty good judge of character and personalities; I’ve heard it said the being a photographerView full post »